Sweet Cream Rose Cowl


Garlands of Grace original Cowl hairwrap has arrived in a collection of Creamy Florals and essential solids sure to complete your favorite spring and summer ensembles! Garlands soft cowl covering may be worn long, folded for medium length, or bunched into a flattering headband style! Clasp Closure offers easy on and off wear and styling and a seamless, finished look. Flattering, feminine and extremely versatile!

  • Clasp Closure
  • Convertible! So may ways to wear!


Long Convertible COWL Headcoverings, Floral designs, Stretch, Clasp Closure, Wear fully extended for full-covering headcoverin or bunched into thick headband, approximately 18 inches

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Dusk, Rose, Aqua, Soft white Stripe, Soft Plum Stripe, Sweet Cream Rose, Hibiscus Floral