Katherine’s Velvet Appalachian Headband


Fall and Winter have blown in and Garlands of Grace Classic Stretch Katherine hairwrap has arrived in a simply stunning collection fit for the season! Hairwrap collection features headbands made from soft and neutral sweaterknits, feminine florals and exquisite velvets.  Katherine may be worn fully extended as a smooth, wide headband. Simply pull taught to achieve a narrower hairwrap style. Finished with a clasp closure for a seamless look. Timeless, flattering, and feminine.

  • Clasp Closure
  • Approximately 5 inches wide
  • Pictured in Lavender Frost Velvet


Classic Stretch Katherine style headbands, florals, clasp closure, Stretch knit, comfortable design, approximately 5 inches in width

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Rose Shimmer, Lavender Frost Velvet, Winter Spruce, Deep Red Heather, Maroon Velvet Floral, Charcoal sweater, Cranberry Plaid, Vintage Charcoal Floral, Vintage Spice Floral, Soft Heather, Persimmon Floral, Appalachian Plum Floral, Olive