Elegant Tie Lace Headwrap in Spruce


Just right for special occasions! Garlands of Grace offers a Breathtaking collection of delicate lace coverings finished with elegant tie closures. Timeless lace hair wraps are made in varied laces rich in texture and color. Thin tie closures offer a comfortable, custom fit. Wear fully extended or pulled into a narrow headband style. Flattering, versatile and feminine!

  • Tie Closure
  • Convertible styling


Elegant Lace headwrap, tie closure, custom fit! Approximate measurements as follows:

  • Hazelnut 7 inches wide
  • Slate 7 inches wide
  • Black 5.5 inches wide
  • Spruce 4.75 inches wide
  • Olive 5 inches wide

Additional information


Hazelnut, Spruce, Slate, Olive, Black