Cecily’s Victorian Olive Chiffon Headcovering


Because the lovely and elegant weight of chiffon provides the most flattering fit! Garlands of Grace offers our bestselling chiffon style hair wrap arrives in a breathtaking array of timeless feminine florals! Wear as a medium length covering or pull into a narrower headband style. Stay Put Lining has been added to help keep your covering from slipping! Tie Closures offer a comfortable, custom fit.

  • Tie Closure
  • Approximately 9 inches wide
  • Stay Put Lining Added!
  • Pictured in Victorian Olive


Lightweight Floral Chiffon Cecily Headcovering style, tie closure, No-Slip lining added, Convertible Design, wear fully extended for moderate length headcoverings or bunched into vintage style headband

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Plum Reflections, Victorian Olive, Navy floral, Soft white floral, Persimmon trellis, Burnt Orange roses, Garnet floral, Warm Maple, Black Elegance, Cameo Satin, Victorian Roses, Southern Grace in Black, Beige Truffle