Cecily’s Soft Sweaterknits Covering for Girls


The most versatile hairwrap collection featuring soft and cozy sweaterknits just right for the season! Wear fully extended as a medium-length head covering or simply pull taught for a narrow headband style. Finished with the thinnest ties in soft velvet for a comfortable, custom fit. Timeless, flattering, and feminine.

  • Approx 8.5” Fully Extended
  • Tie Closures


Feminine Cecily style Headwrap in an array of textures and colors! Tie Closure, convertible design, custom fit. Wear fully extended for moderate Headcovering or easily convert to thin headbands style. Approx 8.5” Fully Extended!

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Vanilla Rose, Frosted Peppermint, Deepest Green, Black heather, Gold Velvet