Cecily’s Classic Chiffon Headwrap


Garlands of Grace classic Cecily style covering has been made from the most breathtaking, semi-transparent chiffon! Cecily’s hair wrap is convertible! Wear as a medium length covering or as a narrow Vintage headband style. Lovely, elegant drape and weight provide the most flattering and feminine fit. Stay put upper lining added to help keep your hair wrap from sliding! Picture in Rose

• Tie Closure
• Approximately 9.5” wide
• Stay Put Lining added!



Our Cecily style headwrap, a classic medium length headcovering made from lovely transparent chiffon! Tie closure for a comfortable, custom fit. Approx 9.5 inches in length.

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Classic Chiffon

Garnet, Navy, Rose, Ivory, Truffle, Soft Plum, Olive, White, Black