Favorite Things GIVEAWAY ??

I think it’s time to have a little fun, don’t you????? Y’all, it’s time for an Autumn Favorite Things GIVEAWAY!! ? I’ve had so much fun collecting lovely little autumn inspired goodies for this giveaway and am so happy to finally share with you. One of my favorite features is the CUSTOM DESIGNED Watercolor Note Card Set! The “Adorned” watercolor was beautifully designed and painted here by our sister, Ruth. Okay! Here is how to enter:

  1. I love super  SIMPLE GIVEAWAY rules so all you need to do is comment below letting us know which Autumn Headwrap from Garlands of Grace is your favorite!! ?? (Please note: Comment will be published once it has been moderated)
  2. Check back on Friday for the winner! It’s just that easy. ??

Please Read: The deadline to enter is Thursday, October 25th at 11:59(cst)! INTERNATIONAL ENTRIES ARE WELCOME. ? Winner will be randomly selected through Random.org and contacted via email + announced on Friday’s blog post. We can’t wait to see who wins!!

What you will win: Hello Fall Candle(Smell gorgeous!!), Set of 3 Garlands of Grace Adorned Note Cards, Thankful Print by Reborn Studios, Happy Squirrel Mug(I own one and LOVE it!!), 1 Lovely Roll of Golden Leaf Washi from the UK(if y’all have received a package from Garlands of Grace, you know this has been our favorite washi for the month of October!), The Be Still Journal + Pen, and a sealed back of Assorted Lindor Truffles(my favorite?!!) Leave a comment to enter and have fun!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”
James 1:17

304 thoughts on “Favorite Things GIVEAWAY ??

  1. I love snoods and you have so many wonderful ones to choose from, but if I have to choose I would go with Meg’s Victorian Trimmed Snood in Slate Blue which is also similar to the Dark Denim Snood. They both are basic colors that go with so many of my everyday clothes. It’s so nice when I don’t have to think hard to find a matching head-covering in the morning, especially on the days when I am in a rush to get ready.

  2. I’m a huge huge fan of Katherines Twist headwraps (I have two!) so my favorite has gotta be Katherine’s VELVET Twist!! Hellooooo, gorgeous copper-colored wrap, I’m coming for you. ?

  3. The Garnet Victorian Autumn Trails cowl has such a deep, rich color; it’s perfect for fall and is a lovey color for anyone’s hair and skin tone.

    Thank you for hosting a giveaway. So sweet!! Happy fall!

  4. I have to say that the Appalachian Cowl in Spice is my favorite. And that squirrel mug! I just love it.

  5. My favorite is Suzanne’s trail ride in slate blue floral. So, so pretty! I’m very thankful for finding your site and the beautiful options for headcoverings. May the Lord cover you with blessings as you provide Christian women with the work of your hands. Your labour is not in vain in the Lord. 1 Cor. 15:58

  6. They are all so lovely! One of my favorites is the Katherine’s Anywhere Headband in Navy Floral. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  7. I love all of these beautiful designs! But if I had to pick one, I’d pick Stretch Cecily in Autumn Floral It’s so sweet and feminine

  8. Fall colors are my favorite! It is so hard to pick a favorite , but I think it is the Autumn Trail Cowl in Auburn! My other faves are Cappuccino Paisly and Gasnet Reflections. I love that you can wear them in many different ways! Thank you for this nice giveaway! ♡

  9. They are all SO LOVELY! <3 But I especially love Stretch Cecily in Slate Blue Floral! Heart eyes!

  10. It is like asking me to pick a favorite kid :P The Garlands Elegant Lace in Nutmeg is lovely as is
    Katherine’s Anywhere Headband in Denim Stretch. Your collections are always wonderful but this year the Autumn collection is just stunning.

  11. My favorites are the Cecily’s Autumn Chiffon in Mocha and the Cecily’s Fall Tour Headwrap in Spice Plaid. Just got to save up to get them!

  12. Dear Garlands of Grace,

    This morning as a read my Bible and sipped on my coffee of choice I looked out the window in awe. Before me was a frost covered meadow shyly glistening as the first rays of sunshine hit their various leaves. As I planned my day out before me, I knew for certain on a chilly morning like this, I would reach for my Silver Stripes Stretch Cecily Headwrap I had received in the mail the previous week. Of the six wraps I ordered this is my go to wrap!! With the variety of colors it is most certain to compliment my outfit of choice. With its stretchy and ample cloth I am able to make it work with any hairstyle I choose, which is usually a high, large bun. The moment I put it on, it is like the cherry on a sundae, making everything pull together! I am so thankful for Garlands of Grace because not only can I fulfill my conviction on headcoverings, I can do it in a fun and fashionable way! I have already handed out all the business cards I received with my purchase last week!

    Thank You for all your hard work ladies!


  13. Autumn Trails in Auburn right now is my absolute favorite (At this moment ~ It could change in five minutes) I love so many and it’s really hard to pick just one ? Hope to get a few more really soon. Gorgeous gorgeous and more gorgeous \0/

  14. How am I supposed to pick one?! I literately love them all. But, I do own Silver Stripes Stretch Cecily Headwrap and I adore it. It fits like a dream. Just beautiful!

  15. The garnet Victorian autumn trails cowl is my favorite of the new fall headcovers. I love your company so much. They have made wearing a headcover easier and more stylish.

  16. The cowls are my favourite but my absolute favourite is the Appalachian Cowl in Farmhouse Blue. It would go with so many things in my wardrobe and would keep my ears warm here in the cold.

  17. Right now I’m really wanting the Cecily’s Woodland Lace Headwrap…not sure which is my fav color but I really love the garnet and have been wanting a Garlands of Grace headwrap in that color for some time now! Its really such a hard choice!
    I love all the other head coverings I’ve gotten from here, nothing else stays as nice for me!

  18. I would love to get the Warm Vanilla Trail Ride. . . and want to try the snoods sometime too. I have yet to figure out which style works with a smaller amount of hair, but think they’re all beautiful. You’re doing a blessed work!

  19. Thanks for the chance! I can’t decide because they are each so different, but I love the Katherine’s Velvet Twist in Copper! I also love the Indigo Floral Stretch Cecily Headwrap. They are both lovely colors and styles.

  20. I love the Cecily Slate Blue floral. That and the Cecily Autumn Lace both give an elegance to Fall.

  21. Choosing a favorite wrap is like choosing a favorite sibling ?
    But I’ll have to say any of Cecliy wraps especially the lace and chiffon.

  22. There are SOOOO many!! I love Suzanne’s slate blue floral, and the evergreen lace and the elegance lace in elegant gray! But I might have to say Cecily in Felicity because Felicity is my youngest daughter’s name. <3

  23. Stretched Cecily in Maroon Floral

    I just bought a maroon shirt this would be lovely with.

  24. My absolute favorite is the Cappuccino fleur Stretch Cecily Headwrap! It is my new daily go-to and is so so comfortable to wear all day ?

  25. My favorite from the Autumn Collection is Katherine’s Slate Blue Roses Twist. I love the versatility of the twist covering. Thank you for the giveaway!!

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